Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer days

 I am trying to eat less of this. It is SO hard for me though. I love, love, love bread! :)

 My morning time reading. When is your favorite time of the day to read? I was so glad I found my old issue of, Victoria (September/October 2008) magazine, I had been looking for (stashed away in my closet). It has a white felt bird in it I have been wanting to try to make.
The sweet grandkiddos enjoying summer:
 I have been busy preparing for another family trip, so I thought this photo was fitting for this post. It was taken from our back yard...zoomed really far in, then edited with cropping.
 On my trip, I will get to see this little guy again... our grandson, Anthony. Our daughter, Rashelle (& baby Anthony); my mom; and sister Jane; are all flying in on the same day to go visit my sister, Julie, & her family in Wisconsin.  I am SO excited!!! Your prayers for a safe trip would be very much appreciated. Thank you!! :)
 It is so hot here right now! Triple digits!! I don't prefer triple digits. How about you? Do you like hot or cool weather....or somewhere in the middle?  I think high 70's...or low 80's are pretty nice! I hope you are enjoying a fantastic summer!!! Thanks for stopping by, and for commenting, I love reading them!!! Blessings for a beautiful week to all of you!!!


  1. Enjoy summer

  2. I don't mind hot weather at all. But I really, really can't deal with high humidity!

  3. That darn bread is my weakness too! I could eat it all day! We have had really hot weather too! I dont' mind the heat except when it hits those triple digits!
    Then it's not really to to fun. I hope you have a wonderful trip! I will keep you in my prayers!

  4. Lovely summer pix! Here, it's not so hot - just right to work, ha ha! But nice enough to sit outside. Have a fab start to your week!

  5. Your summer days look amazing! I too am trying to eat less bread...hard when my daughter is working at an amazing bread bakery and brings me home something yummy everyday!!! Hugs to you dear one..your photos are wonderful

  6. love all those zinnias! they are one of my favorite summer flowers and we didn't get around to planting them this year...boothanks for your kind words on my grandmother's passing...they were very comforting. It's good to be back and catch up!

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  8. that salad looks delish!
    your grand kids are growing so much! hope you're enjoying these last summer weeks!

  9. Sophie looks so deep in thought coloring haha great pictures!