Friday, August 24, 2012

Good Morning Greeting!

Hello there!
*Soft* & pretty feathered birdies I spotted on the fence (from our kitchen window) this morning. I don't usually see these "little" birds when my garden is too hot to visit. A sign that Autumn is just around the corner. Woohoo!!! :) I am looking SO forward to some cooler temperatures and other "Fall-ish" delights around here (pumpkin pie, Fall leaves, & candy corn...:))!
I have been thumbing through these magazines while drinking my morning coffee. I am smitten with a very Autumn-looking coverlet in the, Through the Country Door catalog, (which my very thoughtful neighbor Genzzia had sent to me). I believe Richard is possibly even a little more smitten with it than I am. He keeps hinting everyday about how it would be fitting on our bed for the upcoming holidays!
 A pretty cup and saucer my daughter, Rashelle, found for me several years ago from a local Goodwill. I love it!!

Have a beautiful day!!! Thanks for visiting! :)

p.s. If any of you would so kindly consider praying for my dear mom, and keeping her in your thoughts, I would be ever so grateful.  She is undergoing radiation treatments for breast cancer for six weeks (this was her first week). I know it would touch her heart, as well as mine, and the rest of our family. Thank you very much from all of us!!

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  1. Bless your mama's heart, I sure will.

    Precious little fluffy birds!!

  2. I love your little fluffy fellow here...moments with the joy of a little bird are enjoyed on earth as well as heaven I think! I will pray for your mom, bless her, that is a tough thing! Loved your other 2 posts below too, cute treasures and grands! :)

  3. Blessing to your mom!!! xo I love little visits from birds too, lately I've been seeing a humming bird ~ that is to fast for my camera! I just checked out the Country Door site and requested a catalog ~ what a need store. With school starting today, I am getting excited for fall as well. Have a great weekend.

  4. I'll be praying for your mom...for courage and strength and complete healing. Your apple mug is perfect for this time of year! I've been taking pictures of birds many fun ones showing up in our yard this summer. And I'm not even a bird fan!

  5. Goodmorning !!! seize the from

  6. What a sweet little bird; great pictures! Yes, I thought the same Fall thoughts when I would hear the crows every morning and every evening carrying on in Door County. Love that sound. Your mom will be in my thoughts and prayers, Gloria. hugs...

  7. So sweet that birdie Gloria! Will send prayers and blessings for your mum, that must be hard, and she'll need much Love! So lucky she has you at her side!

  8. I'm so glad you still use your little fruit cup :) I love you