Sunday, September 14, 2014

Earth, wind (MORE wind), and fire

I know Fall is almost here, but I thought before it arrived I would share some photos from one of our summer trips with you. The grandchildren had a blast here. They always love these memories of: tent camping, sunshine, water, dirt, food, & fire-pit-marshmallow-roasting (not so much the primitive bathroom facilities; spiders, and creepy crawlies), but just about everything else.
It is very beautiful, I admit, the great outdoors...:) I do love the peaceful views!
 However, this place (Madeiros Recreation Area) can deliver a ferocious wind that picks up at night that is very far from calm & peaceful. If we were in a reality t.v. series I am sure all of you (and us) would have had a tremendous laugh watching our night replay. Us (four) adults didn't sleep very soundly listening to the wind rustle over the tent all night long.  Accompanying the whistling wind, and waves lapping against the shore; I could hear the sound of Richard's trusty hammer pounding tent stakes every half hour or so into new locations (even tying ropes from the tent to our car). His plan: to hold the tent in place so it wouldn't fly off into the night sky with the family in it. Or at least in the hopes it wouldn't topple over on all of our heads! We have camped here a few times before, we experienced this in the past. We just hoped the winds wouldn't choose to visit us so strongly again. You just never can tell?
When we talked about the noisy and sleepless night the next morning the grandchildren asked, "what wind!?, Grandpa was up all night hammering new tent stakes?" ... "Oh, really? We didn't hear a thing!" 
As Fall, Winter, and Spring approaches our (adult) memories fade. Then grandpa may say,,,"it would be a good, and fun memory-maker to take the grandkids camping. Don't you think!?" :)
I am getting ready to hit the road again. I will be meeting up with my little sister on a flight; then the two of us will be shuttle-busing it to go visit our mom, and a couple of our siblings & their spouses. I am pretty excited to be able to spend some time with them. It can be hard on a family when you live in different parts of the Country far away from each other, which so many of us do these days. You have to cherish the opportunities you are given!
Have a happy week! :) Thanks for your sweet visit!

Monday, September 8, 2014


 I have been spending a lot of time up here, in our bedroom. We have a big window above the desk and it allows me a ton of natural lighting, it is also in the safest spot away from little grandchildren who are very eager to reach for anything I may be working on (including hot wood burning tools). When my desk is full, art (in process) gets stored on my dresser top. It can get a little messy at times, and I will need to figure out some better system of organization at some point. I felt I went through a phase in earlier years that I would get to a point on a piece of artwork, not finished but had to put all the supplies up; then I wouldn't have the motivation to drag everything out to start on it again. With it in our room I have the privacy and motivation to get back to the original work.
 Richard is such a trooper in all of this. He use to say he would love coming home and seeing a big mess on my art desk. I am sure I am putting that statement to the test! He is an Artist himself so he probably is more understanding of the chaos due to that. I am so grateful that he will cheerfully cut pieces of wood to my specifications and act like he doesn't even notice my cluttered corner(s) of our room.
The wood burned tree picture (which was taken in soft effect mode on my camera), ornament, and little cross necklace were gifts he made for me. The cute Halloween pumpkin picture is one he recently listed in his Etsy shop. If you would like to see some more of the beautiful handmade items he is selling click on this link: Richard's Wood Designs
If you have any questions on any of his wood designs or about shipping to different destinations feel free to message him in his Etsy shop. Or to me here, and I can pass that along to him. :)
Thank you for your comments and for stopping by and checking in with me over here. I appreciate your time, input, and thoughtfulness!
Blessings for a happy week...Gloria

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September at Home

September already! Summer is still in the (hot) air here. I am really looking forward to cooler temps and some rain. PLEASE, dear God, rain!! We need it so desperately. I have been feeling like Glen Close in the Sarah Plain and Tall series. Where they are suffering from a drought on the Prairie, she goes to visit the Aunts in Maine (I think it is Maine?). It starts raining, she sees the children outside laughing and dancing. She runs out the door to go join them in their dance! Pure JOY! I love that scene (love that whole series)! I think I will go dance in the rain when we DO get some of the precious stuff! 
 I had to take the photo of the dishes on the kitchen counter. Richard washed those by hand. OH, I love that man! :)  It shows his personality so. The different utensils all lined up in neat rows. I smiled when I noticed this, I even stood on a chair to get the silly photo!
The MERCI artwork is in a set of some new pieces I am playing with. The Original Watercolor artwork, Bluebird's Flight, can be found here: Gloria's Little Cedars
Thanks for stopping by...:)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Exciting news!!

Look at what came in the mail today, sweet news for me with an Artist Complementary issue! "Doing a happy dance here!" :)  Thank you very much, Somerset Studio for allowing me this opportunity. I am thrilled & honored to have my artwork be included in the new SEP/OCT 2014 issue. I am feeling incredibly blessed right now. Sometimes dreams DO come true!
Please pick up a copy for yourself, and a friend. It is filled to the brim with wonderful Fall inspiration!
Here is their link again:  Somerset Studio

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Inspiration - Grandchildren, bird's nest, and a new Etsy Shop

 Anthony and baby Logan (our newest grandson), taken on our summer visit with them. Blessings, indeed! Logan already turned 4 months old on the 17th of this month. Time sure flies, way too fast!!
A sweet bird's nest that fell from their tree.
A couple of little peeks at some things in my new Etsy Shop, Gloria's Little Cedars
 I have been busy making things, I will be adding more to the shop as time goes on. I am learning; stretching my wings, hoping and praying along the way. I would love it if you would stop by for a visit. Our life here has taken a few curves along the bumpy road. Ups and downs....I feel at times my wheels have been screeching around corners, spinning way out of control. God has been good to show us he is still faithful to send us rainbows and blessings during those storms. I am hanging on...not letting go! :) We lost my dad on, February 12, 2013. That was hard on us...on me! Still too hard for me to talk about (even type about!) most of the time, especially without crying. There is one thing I do know: God has been with me through those tears. The other thing I have discovered about myself is: pouring my heart & soul into making art, (& taking photographs) has been helping me on the road to healing. I hope you will continue on with me here, on my journey. Blogging friends are some of the sweetest & caring to be found. Thank you for your kindness and support!

White Paper clay bunny Rabbit
hugs, Gloria