Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Exciting news!!

Look at what came in the mail today, sweet news for me with an Artist Complementary issue! "Doing a happy dance here!" :)  Thank you very much, Somerset Studio for allowing me this opportunity. I am thrilled & honored to have my artwork be included in the new SEP/OCT 2014 issue. I am feeling incredibly blessed right now. Sometimes dreams DO come true!
Please pick up a copy for yourself, and a friend. It is filled to the brim with wonderful Fall inspiration!
Here is their link again:  Somerset Studio

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Inspiration - Grandchildren, bird's nest, and a new Etsy Shop

 Anthony and baby Logan (our newest grandson), taken on our summer visit with them. Blessings, indeed! Logan already turned 4 months old on the 17th of this month. Time sure flies, way too fast!!
A sweet bird's nest that fell from their tree.
A couple of little peeks at some things in my new Etsy Shop, Gloria's Little Cedars
 I have been busy making things, I will be adding more to the shop as time goes on. I am learning; stretching my wings, hoping and praying along the way. I would love it if you would stop by for a visit. Our life here has taken a few curves along the bumpy road. Ups and downs....I feel at times my wheels have been screeching around corners, spinning way out of control. God has been good to show us he is still faithful to send us rainbows and blessings during those storms. I am hanging on...not letting go! :) We lost my dad on, February 12, 2013. That was hard on us...on me! Still too hard for me to talk about (even type about!) most of the time, especially without crying. There is one thing I do know: God has been with me through those tears. The other thing I have discovered about myself is: pouring my heart & soul into making art, (& taking photographs) has been helping me on the road to healing. I hope you will continue on with me here, on my journey. Blogging friends are some of the sweetest & caring to be found. Thank you for your kindness and support!

White Paper clay bunny Rabbit
hugs, Gloria 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Deer Watercolor and the Greenway

A snippet of a watercolor painting I have been working on, it reminds me of the trip we took this summer to visit with our daughter and her family out in Georgia. Our lovely walks on the Greenway. It is so pretty and green there. Even though we didn't see a Deer, the colors of the leaves in the painting reminded me of our sweet visit.
The last few evenings have had some cooler temperatures. It has been wonderful to finally be able to open up the windows and feel a breeze, or to take that evening walk and be reminded that Fall is just around the corner!
I hope you are having a beautiful day!! :)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy August

 Kai and Sophie in the back garden.
I hope you have been having a great Summer!

Friday, May 2, 2014


Hi everyone,
I hope you have been having a great Friday! :)

I have been trying to upload a couple of photos of the grandkids, but haven't been successful. A bit frustrating since I was trying to get back into the groove of posting photos to share with everyone. I can get them to start to upload, but they just don't finish to go to a post. Blogger is saying my Browser is not compatible and has given a list of those that are. They are saying to enable cookies and allow Java Script to run also. This all seems a bit crazy since I recently upgraded my computer. Should BLOGGER be this difficult?! Maybe it is just me (and more than likely that could be the case!). I don't know!!?? I guess they want you to have Google Chrome for your browser to do this? Please fellow bloggers, if you have any helpful advice I would love it if you would please share! :)

Until I can figure out this issue I wanted to invite you over to see what I have been up to over on Instagram. :) I believe if you now click on my sidebar link or photo (the tree) that should bring you right to it.

Or try this link: here

Happy weekend to you! :)