Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Joys



This month is flying by! Ours has been incredibly full and blessed. I pray you and your families are enjoying this Season to it's fullest measure; cherishing each and every moment. Life changes so much, very quickly. It can be like that! I have been enjoying the lights, music, decorations, the RAIN, peppermint bark, hot coffee and tea; cuddling with my dear Richard (and Rocky) while we watch the same Christmas programs we watch year after year. Traditions that help hold us together when life can get a bit crazy! :)
After visiting with Candice and the kids last night, Richard and I drove around looking at a few Christmas lights. Just the two of us, it was raining...a bit romantic! It reminded me of some of our first dates together. We have always been "into" Christmas. I am glad we have been able to keep loving this season through the changes in life.
We just shipped off our last Christmas packages. I am still working on cards, and a couple of more gifts that we need to get. How about you guys? Are you scrambling a little as Christmas nears to get caught up? If you are I hope you are having fun in the process!
Thank you for taking the time to stop by here for a visit...:)
Merry Christmas to all of you!
blessings to you,

Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Views at Home

  I still haven't loaded my Thanksgiving Day photos onto my computer, but I thought I would share some of my images taken this month from our home with you (before the day sneaks away from me)!

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We spent the day having a delicious meal with my in-laws; we were blessed to be able to have a great visit with everyone. It was fun watching Sophie and Kai have fun at their great grandparents home. We are feeling very thankful that we had this opportunity to spend time with everyone. Great Grandma and Grandpa have been having a rough year. Great Grandpa recently fell and broke his hip, and is home now, but he is still recovering. He is 94 years old, we are amazed at his progress so far. Great Grandma has had back surgeries this year, and struggles still with so much pain. Our prayers are with them daily. As our loved ones are aging the moments shared become more precious. Life speeds by so fast. I am glad we could slow down time just for a day to all be together.
We have had rain showers the last couple of days. It is so lovely to wake up to the sound of rain drops going pitter-patter! Richard and I enjoyed watching the rain as we were sitting on the family room sofa today. Our little heat dish (portable heater) warming us, and Rocky. We have been obsessed with watching, The Incredible Dr. Pol; and Salvage Hunters... the British Edition (I think that's the correct name?), on Netflix. The rain, the heat dish, and interesting t.v. shows have made it a cozy Sunday indeed! :)
Thanks for visiting!
blessings to you, Gloria

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

At the pumpkin patch

Trying to create those Autumn memories for the grandchildren and family. Choosing a pumpkin to carve is always so much fun; these photos were taken a couple of days before Halloween. It is a challenge to get Kai to stand still long enough to get a good photo of him. He is always running or climbing to his next destination! Dylan and Zoe are growing up way too fast. Eeeek! All of the grandchildren are!!!
I think this watercolor painting will be the last Autumn art for this season (this is a cropped version of the original). It was inspired by our local park, that Sophie has affectionately named: The Duck Park.  I have been busy working on a lot of Christmas art as well; several projects at once (been totally loving it, being so absorbed into the art that I lose track of time). Trying to get those done (and dried), so I can share images with you here, and to list some of them in my Etsy shop. I also have been occupied with the grandchildren and family, which is always a good thing! :)
I hope you are all enjoying the beauty of the Fall Season. I have been enjoying seeing the leaves change colors (finally), and loving the cooler weather. I did take a few Christmas decorations out of one of our boxes, mainly for a photo session with some of the Christmas artwork I am creating. I am trying to hold off on the rest of the Christmas décor until after Thanksgiving. Every year it is a little hard for me to hold back on it. Are any of you in the same boat with me?
  Our oldest daughter Candice has her (artificial) tree up already and many of her Christmas decorations out. She has always been the Christmas girl at heart. Listening to a Frosty the Snowman album on her red record player as a little girl. Such fond memories of her singing those tunes and putting up her own decorations in her bedroom (just like the little girl on the movie Prancer... :)).
Happy day to you!
Thanks for visiting.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Desert Beauty in Utah

 Some of the pretty views I was blessed to see while visiting with my mom, and family in Utah. These photos above were taken at a family friend's home. Photographs can only show so much you know, but you try your best to capture what you can. The beautiful memories of feeling the refreshing raindrops will stay with me though. I didn't catch any of that with my camera, due to dancing in it. I wish all of my family and friends that have been living in drought-stricken California could have been here to share in the joyous experience with me!
Below: Hope; a mixed-media/collage painting that I just listed in my Etsy shop. Candice, our oldest daughter says this one reminds her of cotton candy! :) I have been making quite a bit of polka dot artwork as of late (some that I still need to photograph to share). I believe my mind and heart must be imagining them to be a bit like raindrops!

Friday, October 10, 2014

October Views, and a Rain Dance Memory

I am enjoying Autumn, I hope you are too. Cooler at night, but we are still hoping and praying for more rain! 
Speaking of rain... I forgot to tell you that I was able to dance in the rain (a mild rain dance...I didn't go too wild and crazy, it was just a mild sort of rain shower). Not in Utah, while visiting with my mom and family. My sister Julie even took a video of it on her IPAD, which was another reason I didn't get too wild and crazy! ;) The shower was a wonderful sight to see and feel...the rain coming down; the sun gleaming through the clouds. Out in the amazingly beautiful red desert!! A few minutes after the sunshine-filled rain drops had fallen a full size rainbow magically appeared over the desert landscape. I kid you not! A blessing indeed. It felt like it was a true gift from God, and I honesty raised my hands in thanksgiving to Him! Now, as I type all of this, I am wondering why in the world I didn't post some of the desert rainbow pictures instead!? Oh well, maybe my next blog post will have to be of those photographs. :)
Happy weekend!!!! :)
blessings to you,