Friday, May 2, 2014


Hi everyone,
I hope you have been having a great Friday! :)

I have been trying to upload a couple of photos of the grandkids, but haven't been successful. A bit frustrating since I was trying to get back into the groove of posting photos to share with everyone. I can get them to start to upload, but they just don't finish to go to a post. Blogger is saying my Browser is not compatible and has given a list of those that are. They are saying to enable cookies and allow Java Script to run also. This all seems a bit crazy since I recently upgraded my computer. Should BLOGGER be this difficult?! Maybe it is just me (and more than likely that could be the case!). I don't know!!?? I guess they want you to have Google Chrome for your browser to do this? Please fellow bloggers, if you have any helpful advice I would love it if you would please share! :)

Until I can figure out this issue I wanted to invite you over to see what I have been up to over on Instagram. :) I believe if you now click on my sidebar link or photo (the tree) that should bring you right to it.

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Happy weekend to you! :)


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Dog's Life

 I found this vintage, "poodle cart" recently at a local Antique Shop on clearance. I spotted it, wanted it, came home without it (which I do quite a bit)! I tell myself, "Gloria, you have so much "stuff" you really need another "little" collectible!!??" I came into our house, looked up at the staircase wall, which I had recently put up a-- new/old black and white photo display--, then asked Candice (the eldest daughter), if she wanted to make a trip back over there with me so I could go buy it! She was more than happy to go, we ended up both looking around a bit more. 
 I tucked the little kitten card from my neighbor in the back of the cart to display. I have been really been drawn to add a touch of black to the all whites. Maybe because Halloween is around the corner? Who knows? Maybe, I have been spying those color combinations in all of my current magazines? That is what Richard always tells me the answer is when I feel the need to redecorate parts of the walls or house. The recent decision to change the staircase wall to black and white photos was inspired by the stairwell in the movie, Howards End. I just can't get enough of watching the DVD just so I can see that wall again!! I actually was watching it on NETFLIX, re-winding it to just that part, over and over. Then it disappeared from our options! :( I guess I watched it a little TOO MUCH?!  
 This old guy (below) belonged to my mother-in-law, as well as the all-white cat in the picture below this one. I can remember her having them displayed on her shelves in her home when Richard and I were just boyfriend and girlfriend. Sweet memories!! She probably doesn't even know I still have them?!
  I found the begging puppy at an old shop in, Petaluma, California, he was my trip souvenir.
These two were given to me from my neighbor one day after noticing I had been liking the ceramic puppies.
 A dog's life includes a cat or two (usually), but not if Rocky has anything to say about it. My sweet granddaughter Zoe gave me this pretty all-white cat.
Happy Day to all of you!!! :)
Blessings & hugs, Gloria ...XOXO

p.s. I didn't purposely choose not to have a banner here today. I tried to change it to a different one and Blogger informed me that I have come to my photo upload quota. I guess my Picasa album is too full! :/ I won't be posting new pictures anytime soon until I can buy more space, or delete some in that album?